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Redesigning your flat, decorating a new interior, or just looking for a timeless dining table, one-of-a-kind conference table, or a stylish commode? Abitare in Armonia produces furniture by small series from both traditional and exotic types of wood. We also offer endless possibilities of customization and finishing of the furniture. On top of that you have now a unique chance to shop for the best prices in the city for two weeks!

The dining tables from Abitare in Armonia are remarkable for their longevity, elegant design and used materials. A great attraction is the old wood used for the desks. The experts from the company are searching for the old wood around the world to give it a new life. This wood is first carefully cleaned, cut and constructed together in a special way so there is no surface treatment needed, the desk will not twist or dry out with time and will last for ages. In the product line you can find solid or convertible tables for a big family.

A conference table can be the soul of a lounge or a reading corner. Regardles if your soul resonates with industrial or antique style, you will find your match in Abitare in Armonia. In our showroom you can put your cup of coffee down on an old chest, antique column, old door or a pink marble desk.

In an ideal home everything has its place. If you are tired of huge angular drawers with ugly sliding doors, there is an easy help. Classic elegant commode catches the eye, underlines the personality of the interior and has enough space for all your clothes. The desk made from the old wood makes every piece unique. We pay maximum attention to the function too. You can see it by the smooth movement of the drawers.

Because we love you we will expand our offer and in the next months we will bring brand new furniture gems. To make enough place for all of that, we will launch a two week sale with 30% – 50% discounts. It will only run from the 22nd of June to the 6th of July. So if you did not have a reason to stop by the showroom in the Italská 5, Praha2 yet, now you do have it.



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