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During the rainy summer days the reading table can be the best imaginable shelter.

Do you like to hide from the daily rush and stress in a very personal space, surrounded by the favourite little things and beloved memories? Do you best enjoy the rainy days in the company of the healing silence and a good book? We too! We also want you to be comfortable during your relaxation. So what furniture to pick for your reading corner?

A small conosole table or a side table can easily cope smaller amount of books while offering enough space for your cup of coffee. Such a place is also perfect to arrange the flowers on. It is good to choose the right height of the table because you don´t want to stretch out every time you need to take something from there. The choice of design is another important aspect while choosing the furniture.

In case you have a lot of book it is good to choose a slim or corner library that saves space in your reading corner and offers enough room for your favourite detective stories and novels. In the Tuscan furniture Studio Abitare in Armonia you will surely find your perfect match.


You will enjoy the view of flowing raindrops or the exciting story the best in perfect comfort. Comfortable seating is very important because you do not want feel pain in your back after finishing the first chapter. You best enjoy reading comforted in your favourite armchair or do you prefer a sofa? Everything depends on your personality. For the reading corner, due to the common lack of space, the best choice is possibly a comfy armchair with a soft pouf. The choice of material is important too. We recommend natural materials like linen, silk and cashemere because of their high quality and durability. The relaxation place like a reading corner deserves rather subtle pastel colors.

Every reading corner has its unique soul that reflects the character of the owner. The side table is a center of the room. It is a place to leave your book while resting your eyes or making a cup of tea. It is the place you continue reading at the moment you stopped last time.

Abitare in Armonia offers high quality handcrafted design furniture sophisticated in every detail from high quality materials. In the Abitare in Armonia studio you will find your favourite reading table and much more.

The Abitare in Armonia studio is located in Italská 5 in Prague.



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