Where to put all the clothes

Probably all of us know this situation – your wardrobe is stuffed with all kinds of clothes that you never wear or don´t like or you will “wear it next time” or the kids will grow to them … and you still have nothing to dress. In the morning you run to work, dressed in what came to hand, with a strong rejection of peoples´ looks. So how to avoid the everyday stress? Get rid of the old and unused clothes, send it to the charity, and find a whole new place for your favourites – a wardrobe with the dresser from Abitare in Armonia for example.


Thanks to it´s construction, a wardrobe with dresser is sure to hold all your favourite fashion pieces. It features 3 large drawers. The wardrobe offers two different possibilities – shelves or a bar for the hangers.

The design finds its inspiration in old Tuscan villas – tastefully decorated with the furniture with typical charm. Even the material and it´s surface responds – the aged oak wood that have been chosen and restored very carefully. A wardrobe made from such unique material will naturally become a dominant design piece in your even strictly modern interior.

So if you´re up to the autumn cleaning, come take a look at your new wardrobe/dresser in the Italská 5 street in Prague Vinohrady.





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