Today there are countless furniture companies competing to deliver more complex offers and service. What are the quality standards today and how to choose quality products? Lets take a look a the quality standards of the traditional Tuscan company Abitare in Armonia.


The high quality furniture is mostly made from massive hard wood like oak, beech, elm and others. The wood is carefully chosen depending on its age, structure, colour, quality and moisture. It´s clear that the garden furniture is made from hard wood and the varnishing follows the weather requirements.

The speciality of Abitare in Armonia is producing the desks of the dining tables, consoles and commodes from highly valued restored old and antique wood. For such purposes there is a special division that seeks for the finest antique wood for restoration all over the Europe to bring it back to life. In the Prague´s showroom there is a table made from antique african teak wood that you surely should see with your own eyes.

The quality of the overlay fabrics is a very important aspect too. In Abitare in Armonia they only use the linen, cashemere and silk, very durable and super cozy. Plus they will last forever.


In Abitare in Armonia we proudly hand-craft all our production, we honor the traditional approaches used by the old carpenters and carvers. Every piece of the furniture leaving the factory is handmade from a pencil sketch to the surface finishing. The skills of the carvers are just remarkable.

All the details are carved to perfection, mixed with the classic Tuscan imperfections it gets on a whole new level of aesthetics.

Abitare in Armonia offers various types of surface finishings.

The black finish is applied by hand in seven layers, is semi matt and very clean. It is very practical, easy to clean and durable enough to resist the attacks of children and pets. The sanded edge has characteristical brown-red colour and gives the furniture an intricate and noble tone.

The chalk finish is very typical for the tuscan style and is most common in the soft pastel colours. It is applied by hand in several layers depending on the wanted outcome. The chalk finish can be bold and smooth or very subtle with the wood grain flashing under it. It is very easy to clean but doesn´t like the wet washing.

For the wood lovers there is a special service, offering the finishing of the surface with the bee wax or special oil that do not change the colour or structure of the wood. Because we just adore the natural charm of the wood.


Endless vineyards, sun, sea, old narrow streets, mosaics, stone walls, wooden beams and pastel colours, old villa houses… The Tuscany is endless inspiration. We love flowers, old wood, classic interior styles, we love careful handcraft and quality materials.

The inspiration for us are all the beautifull things, every tiny piece of Tuscany that we want for our homes, we would like to bring to YOU…



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