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Mirrors used to be a sign of a big luxury and were linked to great wealth and abundance. Owning a mirror used to be a same sign of wealth as owning a pocket watch at the time which only the few could afford.

The wealth is not the only aspect because the mirrors always were linked to the mysticism and supernatural. Mirrors were used for expulsion of the ghosts, divinations, in some cultures even during the funerals because some people believed that the mirror has an ability to capture the owner´s soul. The superstitions and myths about the mirrors float around even nowadays. The most popular of them is possibly that a mirror could steal your soul. And, of course, a broken mirror means 7 years of bad luck, myth sais. In Chinese and Japanese mythology we can find more than 5000 years old mentions about miraculous bronze mirrors that turned transparent while exposed to the strong light, shining around the symbols, engraved on it´s surface. The Chinese mythology also speaks about the “mirror fauna”, believing that there is an alternative universe hidden behind every mirror, full of supernatural creatures.

Today the mirror is mainly an aesthetical and a functional interior element that we possibly can not imagine our lives with out.

Its best to pick a hanging mirror for the bathroom, a smaller one
that is enough for your morning rituals. A carved frame will add
some class to your bathroom and will attract your friends´ attention.
In the wet environment its good to choose the hard wood that is not
very absorptive. Sometimes it requires a layer or two of varnish or
bee wax to keep the wooden frame in perfect condition.

Don´t forget about the light! A pair of laps with shades will perfectly
complete the atmosfere and will not dazzle you in morning.


For the cloak room it is good to pick a full-size tall mirror so you
don´t miss any detail or need to wriggle while tuning your sunday
outfit. Here the mirror is more a functional piece of furniture so the
frame should not be the issue. But if your cloak room is indeed your
peaceful oasis where you spend lots of time – go ahead and decorate it!


The entrance hall is the best place for a large antique mirror to hang. Mirror in such a place is a real center of attention and a perfect dominating design piece. Hand-carved or restored wooden frame never loses its value. In case you are in search of something really special, we advise to look for an antique patinated mirror that breathes life and is inimitable.

A high quality antique mirror in a perfect condition is really hard so please feel free to come and take a look at the Tuscan furniture studio Abitare in Armonia. You will surely choose your favourite mirror and the furniture for your home.

You can find us at the Italská 5, Prague 2.


We are looking forward to your visit!



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