Inspirative world of magic and antique materials

Everyone of us has unique idea of design, elegance and beauty. All of us have different point of view according the style.
But all of us surely agree that there is nothing better than high quality unique materials and careful gentle handicraft.
And we all love antiques, stylish accessories and unique details.

Searching through the telephone directories and yellow pages, browsing the advertisments, travelling by car over a half of a continent, scrabbling through the old junk, endless search, disappointment and happines, excitement and search again. Wandering in old half abandoned buildings and old villas guided by strange people, new friendships and sad leave-takings. Much more than all this amounts to the work of the Abitare in Armonia material division which searches through whole Europe for the antique furniture that had served it´s time, old mirrors, locks, handles and other beautiful items that will be breathed new life into.

The traditional furniture maker Abitare in Armonia is using the old antique wood to produce their elegant design furniture pieces as one of the most original and unique materials. Such wood has beautiful pattern and carries inimitable energy so a piece of furniture made from this wood will underline the personality of every, even strictly modern interior.

Just take a look inside the drawer or open the door of a commode to discover the carefully restored original hinges, locks and plugs, brought back to their aesthetical perfection.


Sometimes we are lucky enough to bump into something trully incomparable – an old mirror with just a right amount of patina. We highly value such findings because it is pure rarity. The amount of corrosion is uncontrollable and unpredictable so the mirrors are mostly completely damaged and useless. But in some cases we hold splendidly patinated mirror, that is cleaned, repaired and restored in the workshop and inserted into specially fabricated frame. Such a mirror will steal your heart straight away.


You can discover all of these and many other soulful design masterpieces in the Studio of Tuscan design in Italská 5 street in Prague 2.



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