Inspirative world of magic and antique materials

Everyone of us has unique idea of design, elegance and beauty. All of us have different point of view according the style.
But all of us surely agree that there is nothing better than high quality unique materials and careful gentle handicraft.
And we all love antiques, stylish accessories and unique details.


Virginia Casa

Virginia Casa was born by the experience and the know-how of a Company working in the field of pottery art from over 40 years.
Ceramiche Virginia began her work in Montespertoli, in the land of Tuscany, back in 1971.



Today there are countless furniture companies competing to deliver more complex offers and service. What are the quality standards today and how to choose quality products?


Where to put all the clothes

Probably all of us know this situation – your wardrobe is stuffed with all kinds of clothes that you never wear or don´t like or you will “wear it next time” or the kids will grow to them … and you still have nothing to dress. In the morning you run to work, dressed in what came to hand, with a strong rejection of peoples´ looks. So how to avoid the everyday stress?


See yourself in the best way

Mirrors used to be a sign of a big luxury and were linked to great wealth and abundance. Owning a mirror used to be a same sign of wealth as owning a pocket watch at the time which only the few could afford. Today the mirror is mainly an aesthetical and a functional interior element that we possibly can not imagine our lives with out.


We love reading

During the rainy summer days the reading table can be the best imaginable shelter.


good every morning

A side table from Abitare in Armonia will become your everyday hero, saving your nerves. Every morning.



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